ESOI-EORTC Workshop 2023
Imaging in assessing response to cancer therapy – a hands-on course
November 2-4, 2023
Munich, Germany


What can I expect from the workshop?

The ESOI/EORTC workshop is an interactive hands-on course aimed at practising radiologists and radiology residents, focusing on the criteria-based assessment of tumour response to treatment. The course consists of a number of lectures explaining the principles of imaging-based tumour response assessment and several hands-on interactive training workshops using specialised software with common and rare cancer cases encountered in the clinical routine or within clinical trials.


What can I learn during this workshop?

– To review the most common imaging criteria for assessment of treatment response
– To review the principles of structured oncologic reporting and the requirements for clinically relevant oncological reports from an oncologist’s perspective
– To achieve hands-on experience in choosing and measuring lesions, assessing tumour response to therapy and avoiding potential pitfalls
– To gain knowledge relevant to radiologists about clinical trials and trial methodology


What is the RECIST qualification?

Participants will have the unique opportunity to sit for a qualification test on using RECIST 1.1 at the end of the workshop. Successful participants* will receive a RECIST qualification certificate from the ESOI and EORTC. Qualified imaging physicians will then have the option to become independent imaging reviewers for future EORTC studies.
*RECIST qualification certificates can only be delivered to imaging physicians (radiologists or nuclear medicine physicians) who successfully completed the test at the end of the course.



Prof. Dr. Clemens Cyran, Munich/DE
Dr. Melvin D’Anastasi, Msida/MT
Prof. Laure Fournier, Paris/FR
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kunz, Munich/DE


Course Venue

Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)
Nußbaumstraße 5
80336 Munich


Limitation of Liability

There is neither any liability nor any obligation of ESOI in case of cancellation of an ESOI congress for whatever reasons. Apart from damages caused by physical injury, the liability of ESOI for damages of any other kind shall be restricted to wilful intent or gross negligence. ESOI shall not be liable for any damages caused by force majeure.


Organising Secretariat

ESOI – European Society of Oncologic Imaging
Am Gestade 1
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 5334064-924


Registration for the ESOI-EORTC Workshop 2023 in Munich is to be made electronically by completing the respective registration form. Registration forms without full name, complete email, postal address and date of birth cannot be processed. Registration fees depend on the date your payment is received at the ESOI bank account and will be considered as incomplete and adjusted accordingly if the payment is not received by the relevant deadline. Registration fees are excl. VAT.


ESOI-EORTC 2023 Registration Fees

Non Member  980,00 €
 680,00 €

As ESOI is a registered Austrian non-profit organisation we do not charge VAT.


Registration deadline & seat limit

Registration has to be completed by Sunday, October 22, 2023. Later registrations can unfortunately not be accepted.
60 places are available. Seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Early booking is recommended.


Member registration

Reduced member registration is available for all active ESOI members as well as active EORTC members in 2023. Please note that in case your membership fee was not paid and/or due to missing documents your membership is not (yet) active, your registration as a member will not be accepted.


Registration fee for delegates includes

– admittance to all lectures/workshops
– short programme overview
– certificate of attendance
– coffee breaks
– RECIST qualification (only available for imaging physicians: radiologists or nuclear medicine physicians)


Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy

Please CLICK HERE to download the terms & conditions as well as the cancellation policy.


Thursday, November 02

08:55-09:00 Welcome and introduction​

M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; L. Fournier, Paris/FR; W. Kunz, Munich/DE


09:00-13:00 Session 1

09:00 Lecture: RECIST criteria, the basics
M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT
09:30 Workstation familiarisation
All faculty


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00 Workshop: How to choose and measure target lesions
M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; W. Kunz, Munich/DE
12:00 Workshop: RECIST: Basic training (including non-target and target lesions)
G. Cappello, Turin/IT; M. Winkelmann, Munich/DE


13:00-14:00 Lunch Break


14:00-17:40 Session 2

14:00 Lecture: RECIST criteria, critical issues
G. Cappello​, Turin/IT
14:30 Workshop: RECIST training challenging cases – I
L. Fournier, Paris/FR


15:30-16:00 Coffee Break


16:00 Workshop: RECIST training challenging cases – II
L. Fournier, Paris/FR
17:00 Lecture: Imaging in clinical trials
17:30 Q&A
All faculty


17:40-17:45 Closing remarks

M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; L. Fournier, Paris/FR; W. Kunz, Munich/DE

Friday, November 03

09:00-12:30 Session 3

09:00 Lecture: Cancer Therapy Guidance in 5 Years
09:30 Lecture: Beyond RECIST


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


10:30 Workshop: Beyond RECIST
12:00 Lecture: PET imaging for response evaluation
J. Rübenthaler, Munich/DE


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


13:30-17:30 Session 4

13:30 Lecture & Workshop: Assessing response in lymphoma
C. Cyran, Munich/DE; W. Kunz, Munich/DE
15:00 Lecture: iRECIST
C. Caramella, Paris/FR (EORTC); L. Fournier, Paris/FR (ESOI)


15:30-16:00 Coffee Break


16:00 Workshop: iRECIST
C. Caramella, Paris/FR (EORTC); L. Fournier, Paris/FR (ESOI)


17:30-17:35 Closing remarks

M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; L. Fournier, Paris/FR; W. Kunz, Munich/DE

Saturday, November 04

09:00-10:45 Session 5

09:00 Lecture: Assessment of bone lesions: Pearls and pitfalls
09:45 Lecture: Lung infections in oncological patients
W. Kunz, Munich/DE
10:15 New horizons lecture: The future of hybrid imaging – Novel tracers and integrated diagnostics
C. Cyran, Munich/DE


10:45-11:15 Coffee Break


11:15-12:55 RECIST qualification

M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; L. Fournier, Paris/FR


12:55-13:00 Closing remarks

M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT; L. Fournier, Paris/FR; W. Kunz, Munich/DE


UEMS CME Accreditation

An application to UEMS for CME accreditation will be submitted.



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