Masterclass 2021

We invite all active ESOI members to join the live masterclass on January 10, 11, 12 and 13 from 14:00-18:00 CET.


CLICK HERE to register for the four Master sessions. Registration is free of charge and open for all active ESOI members 2022.


Monday, January 10

13:50 Welcome message by the ESOI President Prof. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer & Introduction of the Commission and Candidates. Prof. Emanuele Neri
Commission: Prof E. Neri, Prof. D. Cioni, Dr. G. Aringhieri, Dr. M. Gabelloni, Dr. S. Mohsen

14:00 Dr/Prof Febby Laurencia: Correlation of PSMA PET with PSA level and Gleason Score (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

14:15 Dr/Prof Connie Ongeti: A rare case of Wilms tumor presenting with Cushing syndrome: an oncologic perspective imaging (Dr. Faggioni and Dr. Mohsen)

14:30 Dr/Prof Eugenio Zalaquett: Prostate multiparametric MRI: tips and tricks. A pictorial review of common imaging pitfalls (Dr. Aringhieri)

14:45 Dr/Prof Abdul Majeed: Is the learning deep enough? A systematic review of AI and deep learning in oncological imaging with focus on prostate cancer diagnosis and management (Dr. Aringhieri)

15:00 Dr/Prof Antonio Raucci: Papillary renal cell carcinoma: MR and dual energy CT in low enhancing lesion. Report of two cases and brief review of literature (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

15:15 Dr/Prof Elena Ludovico: Imaging of Krukenberg tumors: pearls and pitfalls (Dr/Prof. Evis Sala)

15:30 Dr/Prof Ana Sofia L. Moreira: Endometrial cancer – can MRI predict aggressiveness? (Dr. Aringhieri)

15:45 Dr/Prof Henrik Michaely: Current Value of biparametric prostate MRI with machine-learning or deep-learning in the detection, grading and characterization of prostate cancer. A narrative review (Dr. Aringhieri)

16:00 Dr/Prof Catalina De Valencia: Application of the international consensus of Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Local Recurrence Reporting system (PI-RR) in a case series (Prof. Emanuele Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:15 Evija Elsberga: Diagnostic performance of MRI/TRUS transperineal fusion-guided biopsy for the diagnosis of prostate cancer: first experience of a single centre (Dr.Arta Strazdiņa, Prof. Vilnis Lietuvietis)

16:30 Dr/Prof Hina Ali: Stewart Treves syndrome in an elderly Asian patient. A case report and literature review (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:45 Dr/Prof Amr Gamil: Role of chemical shift imaging in differentiating replacing from non-replacing marrow lesions. A review of literature and meta-analysis (Dr. Gabelloni)

17:00 Dr/Prof Peter Smeet: Buschke – Löwenstein tumor. Cases series (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

Tuesday, January 11

13:50 Introduction of the Commission and Candidates. Prof. Emanuele Neri
Commission: Prof E. Neri, Prof. D. Cioni, Dr. D. Caruso, Dr. C. Romei, Dr. S. Mohsen

14:00 Dr/Prof Lekshmi T P: Tuberculosis or lung cancer – role of chest CT radiomics in diagnosis of lung cancer (Dr. Caruso)

14:15 Dr/Prof Anita Tabain: ET/CT imaging characteristics of non-small cell lung cancer lesion as potential predictor of immunotherapy sensitivity (Dr. Romei)

14:30 Dr/Prof Nathania Bonanno: Attitudes and perceptions of European Radiologists towards online (virtual) oncologic MDTs during the COVID-19 pandemic (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

14:45 Dr/Prof Natalie Antunes: Subsolid pulmonary nodules: the role of quantitative CT features to predict malignancy (Dr. Romei)

15:00 Dr/Prof Kenneth (Ken) Kwok-Pan LAU: Chest MRI: Its efficacy in defining and staging obstructing lung cancers (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

15:15 Dr/Prof Waqas Ahmad: Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound and mammography in predicting complete pathological response in post neoadjuvant non-palpable breast cancer (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

15:30 Dr/Prof Ober Van Gómez: Analysis of cross-combinations of feature selection and machine-learning classification methods based on 18F-PET/CT radiomic features for prediction of the metabolic response in metastatic breast cancer (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

15:45 Dr/Prof Pier Paolo Arcuri: Diagnostic value of dynamic perfusion MRI imaging in patients with local advanced rectal cancer in the assessment of chemo-radiation treatment: relation to tumor regression grade at histology (Dr. Caruso)

16:00 Dr/Prof Bruce Smith: The use of radiomic analysis of regional lymph node metastases in oral squamous cell cancer to predict the presence of HPV and as a marker of outcomes prior to biopsy (Dr. Caruso)

16:15 Dr/Prof Alessandra Borgheresi: Radiomics analysis of periprostatic fat on MRI for the assessment of extraprostatic tumor extension: a feasibility study (Dr. Caruso)

16:30 Dr/Prof Tomasz Kuniej: What radiologist can learn from fusion biopsy (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:45 Dr/Prof Priyanka Verma: 68Ga-PSMA-HBED-CC (PSMA-11) PET-CT Imaging in gliomas – Correlation with clinicopathological correlation (Dr. Sandip Basu and Dr. Sheriff Mohsen)

17:00 Dr/Prof David A Nisbet: Is PET/MRI destined to replace PET/CT in Oncology Imaging? (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

17:15 Dr/Prof Andrea Agostini: Associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy (ALPPS) in liver malignancies: preliminary data on CT radiomics and liver regeneration (Dr. Caruso)

Wednesday, January 12

13:50 Introduction of the Commission and Candidates. Prof. Emanuele Neri
Commission: Prof E. Neri, Prof. D. Cioni, Dr. M. Gabelloni, Dr. Faggioni, Dr. S. Mohsen

14:00 Dr/Prof Sofia Paschaloudi: Systemic mastocytosis with concurrent primary extramedullary multiple myeloma (Dr. Mohsen)

14:15 Dr/Prof Richa Jain: Lymphoma. Pictorial Review from head to toe (Prof. Cioni and Dr. Mohsen)

14:30 Dr/Prof Firuz Ibrahim: Are semi-quantitative methods superior to Deauville scoring in monitoring therapy response of paediatric Hodgkin’s lymphoma? (Dr. Padma S and Dr. Gabelloni)

14:45 Dr/Prof Adriana Carolina Orozco Molano: Multiple myeloma detected in myocardial perfusion SPECT (Dr. Mohsen)

15:00 Dr/Prof Niyarah Alemao: Rare case of a primary breast lymphoma mimicking a phyllodes tumour. A radiological dilemma (Dr. Mohsen)

15:15 Dr/Prof Arnold Montes Tome: MRI findings of secondary central nervous system lymphoma (Dr. María Velasco Casares)

15:30 Dr/Prof Attieh Ali: A Case of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the jejunum presenting a rapid response to the treatment with R-COMP, complicated with intestinal obstruction (Dr. Mohsen)

15:45 Andrea Amico: Clinical presentation, imaging features and treatment management in a patient with concurrent primary central nervous system lymphoma and primary breast lymphoma (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:00 Dr/Prof Muhammad Imran: Imaging features of atypical schwannoma presented as cystic axillary mass. A case report and literature review (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:15 Dr/Prof Alok Kale: CT features of epitheliod angiosarcoma in a mediastinal schwannoma (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:30 Dr/Prof Helena Torrao: CT-based radiogenomics of neuroblastoma in predicting mycin amplification (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:45 Dr/Prof Julio Javier Hernadez: Diagnosis of bone marrow edema using DECT: sensibility and specificity (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

17:00 Dr/Prof Catello Accardo: Bone tumore: uncomm presentation of vertebral osteoid osteoma. A case report (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

17:15 Dr/Prof Andrezza Dambroz: PET/CT-guided tumor radiofrequency ablation. A case report and a brief review (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

Thursday, January 13

13:50 Introduction of the Commission and Candidates. Prof. Emanuele Neri
Commission: Prof E. Neri, Prof. D. Cioni, Prof. R. Lencioni, Dr. L. Faggioni, Dr. S. Mohsen

14:00 Dr/Prof Sunita Sonavane: Exploring Krenning’s score on 68Ga-DOTATATE PET-CT and miPSMA score on 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET-CT in TENIS: a comparison with FDG-PET/CT and deciphering the feasibility of targeted radionuclide therapy (Dr. Sandip Basu)

14:15 Dr/Prof Maurício Freitas: The use of structured reports in abdominal oncologic imaging by radiologists in a private hospital (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

14:30 Dr/Prof Akram Pharaon: Cancer of the appendix. A case report (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

14:45 Dr/Prof Salvatore Guarino: Tomographic Imaging of chemotherapy-associated liver injuries (Prof. Cioni)

15:00 Dr/Prof Gina Al-Farra: Imaging side effects and complications of antineoplastic therapy in lever, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract- a pictorial review (Prof. Neri, Prof. Cioni)

15:15 Dr/Prof Thorsten Persigehl: Structured reporting of hepatocellular cancer (HCC) based on the Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System (LI-RADS) in MRI (Prof. Cioni)

15:30 Dr/Prof Valery Karegi: Incidental carbohydrate antigen 19-9-positive gastric adenocarcinoma diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic. A case report (Dr. Mohsen)

15:45 Dr/Prof Kazmierczak, Philipp: Hepatic alveolar echinococcosis with extrahepatic vessel encasement as mimic of cholangiocarcinoma (Dr. f Mohsen)

16:00 Dr/Prof Clarisse Lecluyse: Combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma. A case report (Prof Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:15 Dr/Prof Muhammad Ali: Atypical presentation of GIST as massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage, diagnosed and managed by Radiology, followed by surgery. A case report and literature review (Prof.Neri, Prof. Cioni)

16:30 Dr/Prof Nils Große Hokamp: Iodine quantification with spectral detector CT: In-vivo reference object measurements in clinical patients (Dr. Faggioni)

16:45 Dr/Prof Valeria Ledda: Role of 18F-FDG-PET/contrast-enhanced CT and importance of NI-RADS categories in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surveillance: a pilot study (Dr. Faggioni)