OIC 2021 – Online Edition

We are happy to inform you that the OIC organisers, together with the ESOI Board, decided to organise an OIC – Oncologic Imaging Course in July 2021 as online event.

July 01-03, 2021
Virtual event

Accreditation Information

UEMS CME Accreditation – LIVE EVENT
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An application to UEMS has been submitted.

Confirmation of attendance
Each participant who successfully registered and attended the live event will receive a confirmation of attendance after the meeting. The CME credits are only available for those who successfully complete the evaluation.


Please note, the programme may still be subject to modifications.

Thursday, July 01
08:30-08:40   Welcome and Introduction
    H. Hricak, New York/US, H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
08:40-10:15   Session 1: Radiology in the time of Coronavirus
    Moderator: M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT
  08:40 Chest CT features of COVID 19
    D. Caruso, Rome/IT
  09:00 One year of Coronavirus: Challenges and opportunities for radiology
    H. Hricak, New York/US, H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
  09:20 Teleradiology and Online Tumor Boards – The future?
    E. Neri, Pisa/IT
  09:40 Oncologic Imaging Education: Where are the gaps?
    M. Ginsberg, New York/US
  10:00 Live Q&A
10:15-10:30   Break
10:30-12:10   Session 2: Principles of oncologic imaging and reporting
    Moderator: H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
  10:30 How to make your reports user-friendly and what to avoid
    M. Ginsberg, New York/US
  10:50 Common errors in oncologic imaging
    D. Regge, Torino/IT
  11:10 RECIST: Case-based
    M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT
  11:30 New horizon lecture: Emerging technologies for oncologic imaging: Challenges to clinical translation
    H. Hricak, New York/US
  11:50 Live Q&A
12:10-13:10   Break
13:10-14:30   Session 3: Thoracic oncology
    Moderator: M. Mayerhöfer, New York/US
  13:10 Lung cancer screening: Update
    H. Prosch, Vienna/AT
  13:30 I find a nodule – What do I do?
    C. Herold, Vienna/AT
  13:50 Lung infections in oncologic patients: Differential diagnoses
    W. Kunz, Munich/DE
  14:10 Live Q&A
14:30-14:45   Break
14:45-15:20   Invited Lecture: Artificial Intelligence
    Moderator: H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
  14:45 Invited Lecture: Artificial Intelligence
    J. Ricke, Munich/DE
  15:00 Live Q&A
15:20-15:35   Break
15:35-16:55   Session 4: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Oncology
    Moderator: J. Ricke, Munich/DE
  15:35 Reporting liver lesions – What the surgeon or interventional radiologist must know
    D. Tamandl, Vienna/AT
  15:55 Pancreatic Carcinoma: State of the art imaging
    G. Zamboni, Verona/IT
  16:15 Cystic neoplasms of the pancreas
    G. Zamboni, Verona/IT
  16:35 Live Q&A
Friday, July 02
08:30-10:10   Session 5: Prostate
    Moderator: H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
  08:30 mpMRI: Principles and integration in the clinical pathway
    H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
  08:50 Standardized reporting: PIRADS v2.1 and beyond
    D. Bonekamp, Heidelberg/DE
  09:10 Imaging of the treated prostate
  09:30 Cases from everyday routine
    H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
  09:50 Live Q&A
10:10-10:25   Break
10:25-11:45   Special focus: Session 6: Women’s imaging: GYN
    Moderator: T. Helbich, Vienna/AT
  10:25 Cervical Cancer: Role of MRI in treatment planning
    H. Hricak, New York/US
  10:45 Characterisation of ovarian lesions with MRI – Case-based
  11:05 Added value of hybrid imaging in gynaecological malignancies
    C. Cyran, Munich/DE
  11:25 Live Q&A
11:45-12:45   Break
12:45-15:25   Special focus: Session 7: Women’s imaging: Breast
    Moderator: T. Helbich, Vienna/AT
  12:45 Tomosynthesis and Contrast-enhanced Mammography: A new state-of-the-art?
    T. Helbich, Vienna/AT
  13:05 MRI: Abbreviated vs. full-protocol – Which is the way to go?
    K.N. Feigin, New York/US
  13:25 The treated breast
  13:45 Live Q&A
Clinical Implementation of DWI of the breast
    K. Pinker-Domenig, New York/US
Only B-mode ultrasound or more?
    B. Brkljacic, Zagreb/HR
COVID-19: Impact on and considerations for breast imaging
    K.N. Feigin, New York/US
Live Q&A
15:25-15:40   Break
15:40-17:20   Session 8: Gastrointestinal
    Moderator: A. Laghi, Rome/IT
  15:40 Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: Imaging and staging
    A. Laghi, Rome/IT
  16:00 Rectal cancer: The radiological perspective
    M.J. Gollub, News York/US
  16:20 Rectal cancer: A surgical perspective
  16:40 Clinical cases
    M.J. Gollub, News York/US
  17:00 Live Q&A
Saturday, July 03
08:30-09:50   Session 9: MSK Oncology
    Moderator: M.F. Reiser, Munich/DE
  08:30 Focal bone lesions and cancer mimics
  08:50 Bone marrow malignancies: How to assess with imaging
    M. Mayerhöfer, New York/US
  09:10 Soft tissue sarcomas – What the surgeon wants to know
    T. Bäuerle, Erlangen/DE
  09:30 Live Q&A
09:50-10:05   Break
10:05-11:45   Special focus: Session 10: Neuro + Head and Neck Oncology: It’s all about anatomy!
    Moderator: E. Neri, Pisa/IT
  10:05 Imaging features of sinonasal tumours
    S. Stöcklein, Munich/DE
  10:25 Tumours of the oral cavity and oropharynx 
    E. Neri, Pisa/IT
  10:45 Tumours of the larynx 
    S. Stöcklein, Munich/DE
  11:05 Added value of PET-CT in staging and response asessment of H&N tumours
    C. Cyran, Munich/DE
  11:25 Live Q&A
11:45-12:00   Break
12:00-12:20   Closing remarks
    H. Hricak, New York/US, H-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE, M.F. Reiser, Munich/DE, J. Ricke, Munich/DE


Non Member 195,00
ESOI Member (Full / Allied Sciences) 145,00
Non Member reduced (resident in training & under 36) 95,00
ESOI Member reduced (resident in training & under 36) 60,00
Non Member 225,00
ESOI Member (Full / Allied Sciences) 175,00
Non Member reduced (resident in training & under 36) 125,00
ESOI Member reduced (resident in training & under 36) 90,00