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Gain access to a large range of educational resources, live webinars with world experts in the field, and a place in our vibrant community of radiologists, medical residents, allied scientists, and clinical colleagues from various disciplines!

ESOI invites everyone with a special interest in oncologic imaging to join this rapidly-growing organisation.

Active Members 2020

  • Radiologists 69% 69%
  • Radiology residents 22% 22%
  • Other physicians & scientists 9% 9%

Different Countries

  • Europe 79% 79%
  • Asia 7% 7%
  • Africa 5% 5%


  • North America 4% 4%
  • South America 3% 3%
  • Australia & Oceania 2% 2%

Membership 2021 is closed.

Membership application/renewal 2022 will open soon.



Be part of the organisation representing cancer imaging on a European level

   Reduced Fees

Enjoy reduced fees to the annual Oncologic Imaging Course, ESOI workshops and events


Receive an official membership certificate and earn the ESOI webinar certificate

   Live Webinars

Join monthly interactive online lectures with key experts

   Educational Resources

Access more than 60+ hours of cutting-edge lectures and discussion to learn the state-of-the-art


Apply for the prestigious ESOR/ESOI exchange fellowship to experience clinical practice and research at top centers

Categories & Fees 2022

€50      Full Members

shall be board certified radiologists with special interest and special experience in Oncologic Imaging.

€50      Allied Sciences Members

shall be clinicians, physicians, physicists, researchers, scientists or persons active in fields related to Oncologic Imaging or persons nominated by or on behalf of non-medical organisations.

€25      Resident Members

shall be residents (young radiologists, physicians or scientists in training) with special interest in Oncologic Imaging.
The age limit for an application as resident is set at 35 years (incl. the age of 35).
Residents have to email a letter written on official hospital letter paper and signed by the head of department, confirming their status as such within 5 working days after submitting the membership application.

Corporate Members

shall be enterprises and other organisations interested in the activities and aims of the society and providing financial support to the society. To apply for a corporate membership please contact the ESOI Office.

Required proofs

Proof of profession
Full Members have to upload a proof of profession, confirming their profession as radiologist.

Proof of residency
Resident Members have to upload a proof of residency, confirming their status as resident.

Please upload the required proof online via the MyUserArea.
Membership will only be activated after receipt of the proof.

Terms & Conditions 2022

The terms & conditions of membership to the European Society of Oncologic Imaging can be downloaded/viewed here:
ESOI Membership Terms & Conditions