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Since 2015, ESOI has been proudly offering high quality webinars given by world class speakers on various topics in oncologic imaging. Our live webinars have been very well received by our members with consistently high turnout and engagement from participants all across the globe. After the presentation, you can even ask questions in real time!

ESOI webinars are oriented towards different levels of expertise, a wide array of topics, and are increasingly becoming more multidisciplinary.
A number of our webinars are carried out in collaboration with medical societies such as ESSO and ESTRO as well as other radiological subspecialty societies.
Young radiologists are also included in the webinar series with special sessions addressing relevant topics for residents.

In addition to the live broadcast, the lectures are uploaded to the Member Area (with an approximate one month delay) so they can be (re)viewed by active ESOI members at their own convenience.
To date, we have more than 80 full length lectures (with in-depth discussions and Q&A)!

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Webinar Accreditation 2023

We are pleased to inform you that all webinars 2023 have been granted 1 European CME credit (ECMEC®s) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®).
Attendees need to attend the live webinar AND evaluate the webinar to receive the CME certificate.
The certificate of attendance/CME certificate will be sent approx. 1 week after the live webinar.

Upcoming Webinar

Webinar 04

Wednesday, April 12, 18:00 CEST
Endometrial carcinoma
Speaker: Milagros Otero-Garcia, Vigo/ES | Moderator: Doris Leithner, New York/US

General description, scope and objectives of this webinar
The programme of this webinar will cover how to diagnose, stage and evaluate relapse of endometrial cancer). It is aimed at oncologic imaging radiologists, radiologist residents/juniors, students and people who want to improve their skills in:

– Reviewing the role of MRI in staging, treatment planning  and follow-up of endometrial cancer
– Knowing how to avoid pitfalls while reading MRI studies on endometrial cancer

After watching the webinar, participants will be able to:
– to image and report endometrial cancer MRI

– to know practical tips to increase the diagnostic accuracy in staging of endometrial cancer and how to avoid pitfalls

Dr. Otero-García obtained her Medical Degree at the University of Santiago de Compostela in
1987. She completed the residence program on Medical Imaging in the University Hospital of
Vigo in 1994 and completed her PhD in 2002 at the University of Cadiz with the thesis entitled “Evaluation of the diagnostic methods in prostate cancer.
Nowadays, she is the head of the Department of Radiology of the University Hospital of Vigo, Member of the IISGS (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur) research group, Associated Professor at University of Vigo (Biology and Health Sciences department).
Her research interest includes renal, prostate, uterine, ovarian and bladder cancer and contributed with more than 100 contributions to international and national conferences and she was author and co-author of scientific publications, including papers in Q1 journals, according to the JCR, and book chapters.
She is also reviewer of different specialized journals such as European Radiology or Insights
into Imaging.
She was member of the committees of Education exhibits awards committee of radiological
society of North America during the congresses of RSNA in 2014-2015-2019-2020-2021. She
participated in the subcommittee of Urogenital image in European Congress of Radiology
(ECR) in 2012 from 2015 and Chair of GU Program for ECR 2023.
During her career, she held various positions such as president of the Spanish Society of Abdominal Radiology (SEDIA) and president of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR). She is currently vice president of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) and past president of ESUR.

Who can register for this webinar and how?
This webinar is offered to all ESOI members 2023.
Please find all information about ESOI membership here: ESOI Membership
Should you be in doubt of your current membership status with ESOI, please contact the Office at


Webinar Overview 2023

Check out the webinar schedule 2023 and mark your calendar!

Webinar Schedule 2023

Webinar 04

Wednesday, April 12, 18:00 CEST
Endometrial carcinoma
Speaker: Milagros Otero-Garcia, Vigo/ES | Moderator: Doris Leithner, New York/US


Webinar 05

Wednesday, May 10, 18:00 CEST
Whole-body diffusion weighted imaging
Speaker: Vincent Vandecaveye, Leuven/BE | Moderator: Giulia Zamboni, Verona/IT


Special Webinar 01

Wednesday, May 24, 12:00 CEST
Hepatospecific contrast agents in the study of HCC: is the examination time the most important aspect? 
Speaker: Jin Wang, Guangzhou/CN


Webinar 06

Wednesday, June 14, 18:00 CEST
Atypical presentations of bone mets
Speaker: Frederic Lecouvet, Brussels/BE | Moderator: Vassiliki Pasoglou, Kraainem/BE


Special Webinar 02

Wednesday, July 05, 18:00 CEST
AI-powered Screening/Prognosis/Diagnosis: What’s the future of Oncology Imaging?
Speaker: Luis Marti-Bonmati, Valencia/ES


Webinar 07

Wednesday, July 12, 18:00 CEST
Rad-path correlations in breast cancer
Speaker: Alexandra Athanasiou, Athens/GR | Moderator: Irina Trofimenko, Moscow/RU


Webinar 08

Wednesday, August 02, 18:00 CEST
Nuclear medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors
Speaker: Valentina Ambrosini, Bologna/IT | Moderator: Clemens Cyran, Munich/DE


Webinar 09

Wednesday, September 27, 18:00 CEST
Role of imaging in esophageal cancer
Speaker: Vicky Goh, London/UK | Moderator: Melvin D’Anastasi, Mosta/MT


Webinar 10

Wednesday, October 18, 18:00 CEST
Imaging and staging of laryngeal cancer
Speaker: Minerva Becker, Geneva/CH | Moderator: Dania Cioni, Pisa/IT


Webinar 11

Wednesday, November 08, 18:00 CET
Update in interventional oncology of HCC
Speaker: Laura Crocetti, Pisa/IT | Moderator: Alessandra Borgheresi, Sesto Fiorentino/IT


Webinar 12

Wednesday, December 13, 18:00 CET
Urothelial cancer
Speaker: Davide Prezzi, London/UK | Moderator: Giovanni Cappello, Candiolo/IT

Previous Webinars

Find below comprehensive overviews of our previous webinar topics, year by year (2015-2022), to understand what we offer our active members in the form of recorded online lectures!

Previous Webinars 2023

Webinar #1: ESOI-ESSO-ESTRO: Rectal Cancer: A multi-disciplinary approach to imaging

Regina Beets-Tan, Geerard Beets; Amsterdam/NL


Webinar #2: Primary and secondary malignancies of the pleura: Diagnosis, staging and response assessment

Luciano Cardinale, Orbassano/IT


Webinar #3: Gastrointestinal cancers in IBD

Sofia Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR

Previous Webinars 2022

Webinar #1: Multidisciplinary approach to small renal masses

Andrea Veltri, Orbassano/IT; Alessandro Volpe, Piedmont/IT; Marcello Tucci, Asti/IT


Webinar #2: O-Rads for MRI

Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara, Paris/FR


Webinar #3: Tumors and tumor-like lesions of the paranasal sinuses

Katarina Šurlan Popović, Ljubljana/SI


Webinar #4: Pediatric GI or GU tumors: A primer for the “adult radiologist”

Annemieke Littooij, Utrecht/NL; Irmina Sefic, Sarajevo/BA


Webinar #5: PET imaging evaluation in oncology: Tips & tricks for the clinical practice

André Dias, Aarhus/DK


Webinar #6: Cancer in pregnancy

Charis Bourgioti, Athens/GR


Webinar #7: Understanding Artificial Intelligence: Principles and basic concepts behind the “black box”

David Bonekamp, Hirschberg/DE


Webinar #8: Added value of PET/CT in staging and response assessment of head and neck tumors

Clemens Cyran, Munich/DE


Webinar #9: Abdominal toxicities of common oncologic therapies

Nina Tunariu, Tadworth/UK


Webinar #10: Incidental breast lesions at CT

Paola Clauser, Vienna/AT


Webinar #11: Life as an academic radiologist

Evis Sala, Cambridge/UK


Webinar #12: Skull base tumors: Differential diagnosis and key findings for treatment planning

Alexandra Borges, Lisbon/PT

Previous Webinars 2021

Webinar #1: ESOI-ESSO-ESTRO: Rectal Cancer: A multi-disciplinary approach to imaging

R. Beets-Tan (Radiologist), G. Beets (Surgeon), C. Marijnen (Radiation oncologist); Amsterdam/NL


Webinar #2: Imaging of lymphomas: Current status

M. Mayerhöfer, New York/US


Webinar #3: ESOI-ESHI-MT: AI in multimodality imaging of cancer

C. Cyran, Munich/DE


Webinar #4: Multidisciplinary webinar: Preoperative assessment of peritoneal carcinomatosis

S. Nougaret, F. Quenet; Montpellier/FR


Webinar #5: NET: How to assess response to therapy – A case-based multidisciplinary discussion

D. Caruso, M. Rinzivillo; Rome/IT (case presenters); F. Panzuto, Rome/IT; M. Falconi, Milan/IT (panelists)


Webinar #6: Preparing and attending oncologic MDT meetings: A memorandum for the radiologist

L. Fournier, Paris/FR


Webinar #7: ESOI-EUSOBI: Surveillance after breast cancer treatment

Kristina Lang, Lund/SE


Webinar #8: Urologic webinar:
– Penile cancer: Role of MRI in the new 8th TNM staging system
– Testicular germ cell tumors: Staging and surveillance

Alberto Vargas, Sungmin Woo, Anton Becker; New York/US


Webinar #9: ESOI-ESNR: Brain metastases: Imaging after treatment

Pia Sundgren, Lund/Sweden


Webinar #10: ESOI-ESTI: Pulmonary complications in oncologic therapy
What the oncologic radiologist must know

Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL


Webinar #11
Imaging of HCC:
– Radiomics and radiogenomics in HCC
– Assessment of HCC response to therapy: New treatments, new challenges, new criteria

Emanuele Neri, Riccardo Lencioni; Pisa/IT

Previous Webinars 2020

Limits and pitfalls of CT and MR in the staging of lung cancer

J. Dinkel, Munich/DE


Uterine tumours: Correlation between histology and imaging features

E. Sala (Radiologist), M. Jimenez-Linan (Pathologist); Cambridge/UK


A practical approach for the diagnosis of a liver tumor

V. Vilgrain, Paris/FR


Tumour board: GEP-NET

A. Laghi (Radiologist), D. Caruso (Radiologist), F. Panzuto (Gastroenterologist), M. Rinzivillo (Gastroenterologist); Rome/IT
M. Falconi, Milan/IT (Surgeon)


MSK – soft tissues tumours

F. Vanhoenacker, Antwerp/BE


Role of cardiac imaging (CT and MRI) in patients with cancer

B. Velthuis, Utrecht/NL


Spinal tumours

L. van den Hauwe, Antwerp/BE


Imaging biomarkers in oncology

A. Alberich-Bayarri, Valencia/ES


Multidisciplinary Webinar from ESOI-ESTRO
Lung cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging

A.R. Larici (Radiologist), V. Valentini (Radiation Oncologist); Rome/IT


Oncologic Imaging and Covid-19: An unwanted wedding

D. Regge, Turin/IT; D. Caruso, Rome/IT


Imaging in gastric cancer before and after neoadjuvant therapy

M.A. Mazzei, Siena/IT


ESOI Young Radiologists’ Webinar: Basic statistics

M. Maas, Amsterdam/NL

Previous Webinars 2019

Prostate cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging

H-P. Schlemmer (Radiologist), J.P. Radtke (Urologist); Heidelberg/DE


Immune therapy: Response assessment and toxicity

D. Regge, Turin/IT


Small bowel tumours

M. Gollub, New York/US


Interventional oncological options for RCC

M. Krokidis, Cambridge/UK


Rectal cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging

R. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL (Radiologist), N. Figueiredo, Lisbon/PT (Surgeon), R. Glynne-Jones, Northwood/UK (Radiation Oncologist)


Imaging and response assessment of multiple myeloma

A. Baur-Melnyk, Munich/DE


Artificial intelligence in oncologic imaging: Current status and future directions

E. Neri, Pisa/IT (Radiologist); A. Alberich Bayarri, Valencia/ES (Telecommunications Engineer)


Clinical relevance of PSMA PET/CT: An overview and update

C. Cyran, Munich/DE


Assessing response to therapy of brain tumours

P.M. Sundgren, Lund/SE


Pancreatic cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging

G. Zamboni (Radiologist), G. Marchegiani (Surgeon); Verona/IT


Breast cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging in neoadjuvant treatment

M. Lobbes, Sittard-Geleen/NL (Radiologist); M.L. Smidt, Maastricht/NL (Surgeon)


Interventional oncological treatment of lung nodules/lung cancer

J. Palussière, Bordeaux/FR


New paradigms in scientific publishing

M.F. Reiser, Munich/DE


Correlation of radiological images with surgical findings in ovarian peritoneal disease

L. Fournier (Radiologist), A.S. Bats (Surgeon); Paris/FR

Previous Webinars 2018

Rectal Cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging

R. Beets-Tan (Radiologist), G. Beets (Surgeon), B. van Triest (Radiation oncologist); Amsterdam/NL


Cross-sectional imaging of renal tumours

R. Pozzi Mucelli, Verona/IT


Structured reporting in prostate cancer

D. Regge, Turin/IT


Imaging of testicular tumours

M. Bertolotto, Trieste/IT


Preoperative local staging of breast cancer: tailoring the surgical treatment

J. Camps Herrero, Alzira/ES (Radiologist); R. Ponzone, Turin/IT (Surgeon)


Response evaluation in oncology: RECIST 1.1

M. D’Anastasi, Msida/MT


Algorithmic approach to the female pelvic mass

E. Sala, Cambridge/UK


Molecular and hybrid imaging in prostate cancer

G. Cook, London/UK


Rectal cancer: A multidisciplinary approach to imaging

R. Beets-Tan (Radiologist), G. Beets (Surgeon), B. van Triest (Radiation oncologist); Amsterdam/NL


Diagnosis and staging of oesophageal and gastric cancer

M. Laniado, Dresden/DE


Neuroendocrine tumours – radionuclide imaging and therapy

H. Ilhan, Munich/DE


Structured reporting in rectal cancer

M. Maas, Amsterdam/NL


Imaging after treatment of lung cancer

J. Dinkel, Munich/DE


Multidisciplinary management of CRC liver metastases

Th. Helmberger, Munich/DE


Lung cancer screening – what did we learn so far?

C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL


Assessment of the treatment response of bone lesions in cancer patients: Pearls and pitfalls

F. Lecouvet, Brussels/BE


Imaging and response assessment of gastrointestinal stromal tumours

A. Laghi, Rome/IT

Previous Webinars 2017

Imaging of CNS tumours

P. Parizel, Antwerp/BE


Imaging and differential diagnosis of orbital tumours

U. Mueller-Lisse, Munich/DE


Imaging of lymphomas

M. Mayerhöfer, Vienna/AT


Imaging spectrum of primary and secondary mesenteric neoplasms

S. Nougaret, Montpellier/FR


Imaging of the treated pelvis: Pearls and pitfalls

E. Sala, New York/US


MR imaging of malignant diseases of the uterus

Y. Lakhman, New York/US


Practical advice in preparing successful scientific manuscripts

M.F. Reiser, Munich/DE


Imaging of recurrent prostate cancer

H. Vargas, New York/US


Bone metastases, how should we approach them with imaging?

T. Bäuerle, Erlangen/DE


PET-MRI in oncologic imaging – where do we stand?

V. Goh, London/UK


When to call a lesion an HCC?

G. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT


Current evidence for minimally invasive treatments in HCC

J. Ricke, Munich/DE


Diagnostic test studies: How I do it

M. Maas, Amsterdam/NL


Paediatric abdominal tumours

C. Granata, Genoa/IT

Previous Webinars 2016

Staging of rectal cancer with MRI

R. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL


Contrast-enhanced ultrasound-technical considerations and applications in oncologic imaging

D. Clevert, Munich/DE


Imaging dissemination pathways in head and neck cancer

M. Mack, Munich/DE


Whole body MRI in onology

V. Vandecaveye, Leuven/BE


Imaging of lung cancer: Implications on management

L. Bonomo, Rome/IT


Imaging of biliary tract tumours

R. Manfredi, Verona/IT


Staging of ovarian cancer – providing a GPS to patient management

H. Hricak, New York/US


Role of MRI in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer

H. Vargas, New York/US


Tailoring breast imaging surveillance to the woman´s risk

F. Gilbert, Cambridge/UK


Imaging of bone tumours

G. Guglielmi, Foggia/IT


RECIST, CHOI and beyond

M. D’Anastasi, Munich/DE

Previous Webinars 2015

DW in oncologic imaging

D. Lambregts, Maastricht/NL


CT colonography

A. Laghi, Latina/IT


Cystic and solid pancreatic tumors

G. Zamboni, Verona/IT


Imaging the prostate – current status and future developments

J. Futterer, Nijmengen/NL


Update on breast MRI

F. Sardanelli, Milan/IT


Structured oncologic reporting

W. Sommer, Munich/DE

Webinar Recordings

Stay up-to-date in oncological imaging and enjoy unlimited access to a vast array of lectures from world leaders in their field!

ESOI webinars are recorded and made available to our active members (after a period of approximately 30 days).
To date, there are more than 60 full length recorded lectures available. In order to see which webinars have been organised in the past, please refer to the Webinar Overviews above. In addition, below is a preview of some lectures that are available.

In order to access the recordings via the link below, please make sure your membership 2021 is active and that you are logged in (members area – right upper corner).

Webinar recordings

Research Webinar – THANK YOU

Award Announcement
We congratulate the following winners:

1st prize: free registration to the ESOI Annual Meeting 2023
MR Relaxometry parameters in predicting early response to neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer patients, Roxana Maria Pintican

2nd prize: free ESOI membership for 2023 and 2024
Radiomic Cancer Hallmarks to Identify High-Risk Patients in Non-Metastatic Colon Cancer, Michela Polici

3rd prize: free ESOI membership for 2023
New non-invasive diagnostic modes in the diagnosis and follow-up of the gliobastoma: Combined use of magnetic resonance and study of tumor associated macrophages (TAM), Carolina Giordano

Research Webinar
Thursday, September 29, 2022 | 18:00 – 19:40 CEST


18:00 – 18:05 | Welcome and Introduction
Evis Sala, Cambridge/UK

18:05 – 18:10 | The Master in Oncologic Imaging programme of the University of Pisa
Emanuele Neri, Pisa/IT

18:10 – 19:20 | 10 Research Presentations (6 minutes each + 1 min questions)
Moderators: Melvin D´Anastasi, Msida/MT | Damiano Caruso, Rome/IT

18:10-18:17: Attitudes and perceptions of radiologists towards online (virtual) oncologic Multi-disciplinary Team meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic – a survey of the European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI)
Nathania Bonanno

18:17-18:24: Radiomic Cancer Hallmarks to Identify High-Risk Patients in Non-Metastatic Colon Cancer
Michela Polici

18:24-18:31: Is CT radiomics superior to morphological evaluation for pN0 characterization? A pilot study in colon cancer
Ilaria Nacci

18:31-18:38: Radiomic analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma on multiphase contrast enhanced CT: Any possible role in noninvasively predicting microvascular invasion?
Pietro Andrea Bonaffini

18:38-18:45: Hyperpolarized-13C-MRI in multi-site high grade serous ovarian cancer patients: Assessment of early response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Vlad Bura

18:45-18:52: Dual Energy CT for Peritoneal Carcinomatosis: benefits of improving contrast resolution
Giulio Bagnacci

18:52-18:59: Metabolic changes on 18F-FDG PET/CT in NSCLC patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy ± immune checkpoint inhibition with durvalumab
Adrien Holzgreve

18:59-19:06: New non-invasive diagnostic modes in the diagnosis and follow-up of the gliobastoma: Combined use of magnetic resonance and study of tumor associated macrophages (TAM)
Carolina Giordano

19:06-19:13: SG-MRI with DWI as complementary tool for the diagnosis of MALT Lymphoma in patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome: a single-center cross-sectional study
Salvatore Claudio Fanni

19:13-19:20: MR Relaxometry parameters in predicting early response to neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer patients
Roxana Maria Pintican

19:20 – 19:35 | Discussion
Evis Sala, Cambridge/UK

19:35 – 19:40 | Awards
Evis Sala, Cambridge/UK

General description
ESOI is organising its first Research Webinar, for which ESOI Young Radiologists are invited to submit abstracts. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their research during this webinar. The winners of the best 3 presentations will be announced at the end of the session. Online attendance is open to all interested ESOI members.

Abstract Submission is closed.
We would like to thank all abstract submitters for their contribution!
Notifications will be sent in September.

Who can register for this webinar and how?
This webinar is offered to active ESOI members in 2022.

Your registration will be accepted upon verification of your active membership.
Please find all information about ESOI membership here: ESOI Membership

CLICK HERE to register for the ESOI Research Webinar.

Should you be in doubt of your current membership status with ESOI, please contact the Office at office@esoi.society.org.